ERYC Hip Flask

Somebody famous once said "Work is the curse of the drinking class." And we couldn't agree more. We might actually like to extend the quote to say "Work is the curse of the drinking class and something that gets in the way of playing dodgeball." But who are we to paraphrase? We are just a bunch of overworked, underpaid, lemmings - cogs in the wheel. 

Anyway, this stainless steel flask holds 8 ounces of UTI preventing cranberry juice... or any liquid for that matter. It's also laser etched with the simple, but all-powerful Yacht Club phrase, 'Don't Be A Dick.' Seems like a perfect gift for all of the alcoholics in your life.

type: Flask vendor: ERYC
ERYC Flask

All merchandise is given as a gift for a donation of a specified amount. The Yacht Club does not accept returns of merchandise received for donations. We will gladly exchange unworn and unused merchandise for the same item in a different size. Please email hello@theyachtclub.org with all questions about orders.