About Us

The Eagle Rock Yacht Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization committed to helping develop an artistic and impassioned youth. Through the game of Dodgeball, mentorships and workshops we provide an alternative to what some would call, “the thug life”. Whilst it started with only two members, The Yacht Club has grown to include over 300 other socially-minded peers who join efforts to create a better community for under-privileged and at-risk youth.

Some Other Fun Facts: 
• 100% of each sale helps to provide funding for these programs and workshops.
• We personally screen-print every t-shirt by hand which means it's made just for you (aint that cute).
• Each purchase includes a special little gift bag.
• Bees and dogs can smell fear.
• Because we love you so much you can save $$ by delivering your order to a weekly dodgeball game.

All merchandise is given as a gift for a donation of a specified amount. The Yacht Club does not accept returns of merchandise received for donations. We will gladly exchange unworn and unused merchandise for the same item in a different size. Please email hello@theyachtclub.org with all questions about orders.