Porcelain Reusable Cup

Whether it's a fairytale encouraging you to consume that tasty beverage or a man on a donkey that does it for you– you'll need the perfect container from which to sip from.
This porcelain, reusable,  eco-friendly (we're secretly tree huggers) mug will be your new best friend (See ya, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler,  Joey and Rachel). 
So get this 11 oz, porcelain mug with a silicon lid and enjoy your hot or cold beverages, while patting yourself on the back for giving Mother Earth a few more years before she kicks the bucket. Better yet, buy this with the ERYC hip flask and sneak a little Bailey's into your Joe. It really will be the best part of waking up.
type: Drinking vendor: ERYC
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